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-===== Report on the State of the Alps: Sustainable Tourism in the Alps =====+===== Template to add a relevant planning document ​=====
-=== Document ===+If you want to add a new document to the list of planning documents, please use the template below.
-Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention ​(Ed.(2013): Sustainable Tourism in the AlpsReport on the State of the Alps. Alpine Signals Special Edition 4. Innsbruck.+All you have to do is click on the pen icon (on the right sideand copy the text that goes from here to the endAfter that paste it in the new article, fill the gaps and select the fields from the lists provided. 
 +__**//Name of the Document// **__ 
 +=== Document ===
 +//Full citation of the document//
 === Type of document === === Type of document ===
-Report+//Choose one from the following: // 
 +Concept / Plan / Strategy / Study / Programme/ ​Report 
 === Spatial level === === Spatial level ===
-Transnational+//Choose one from the following://​ 
 +Transnational ​/ cross-border / national / regional 
 === Thematic focus of the entire document === === Thematic focus of the entire document ===
-  * High quality tourism+//Choose one from the following://​ 
 +Spatial development in general/​unspecific 
 +Balanced social and economic development 
 +Urban-rural relationship 
 +Alpine-perialpine relationship 
 +Balanced accessibility 
 +Access to information and knowledge 
 +Reducing environmental damage 
 +Enhancing and protecting natural resources and heritage 
 +Enhancing and protecting cultural resources and heritage 
 +Safe development of energy resources 
 +High quality tourism 
 +Limitation of natural disaster impacts 
 === Overview === === Overview ===
 ^Pages^Language(s)^Download/​External link^Analyst ​ | ^Pages^Language(s)^Download/​External link^Analyst ​ |
-|138|EN, FR, DE, IT, SI  ​|[[|Report on the State of the Alps: Sustainable High quality tourism]]|[[:​wiki:​zrsvn|IRSNC]]|+|//Number of pages// ​|//Languages available (EN, DE, FR…)// ​  |//Link to the document// |//Name of person/instituion who anlised ​the document// ​|
 \\ \\
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