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Alpine Hospitals Networking for Improved Access to Telemedicine Services

Project Partners

Project summary

The project ALIAS addresses medical services and information inadequacy to ensure Health Care provisions in Alpine Space where telemedicine services are not widely exploited and linguistic barriers represent an obstacle. The Alpine Space´s touristic vocation during some periods of the year makes its Health Care structures “periodically” inadequate to face a widened request of services supply. On the other hand, a major receptivity of those structures during the rest of the year is unnecessary due to the low density of Alpine local residents. ALIAS addresses the programme objective aimed at securing fair access to Health Care public services and related communication infrastructure within the programming area. The project is aimed at linking together a number of Alpine Space hospitals enabling the creation of a network shaping the ALIAS Virtual Hospital for sharing medical information, adopting telemedicine service and exchanging best clinical practices, to improve the efficiency of hospitals.





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
ALIAS Project Final BookletReport EN Policy makers, civil servants / administration / planner / scientists / specific institutionsClosing analysis on project results
ALIAS_Self-sustainability_and_deployment_strategyReport EN Policy makers, civil servants / administration / planner / scientists / specific institutionsRegional Analysis on pilot areas on status quo with regard to different indicators (connectivity, population density etc.).
ALIAS Evaluation ReportReportENPolicy maker; civil servants / administration; Planner; Scientists; Specific institutions This document reports the results of the evaluation carried out during the ALIAS piloting operation within the hospitals network. The project evaluation has been performed, in an interim phase, through a questionnaire.
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