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-===== asdfasdf ​=====+===== Application of the shorezone functionality index to study lakes=====
 ==== Source ==== ==== Source ====
 +[[http://​​include/​viewFile.php?​idtf=14780&​path=1c%2FWEB_CHEMIN_14780_1375454671.pdf|Shorezone Functionality Index Application]]
 ==== Comment ==== ==== Comment ====
 +The Shorezone Functionality Index (SFI) is an index that evaluates the capacity of the area located just adjacent the lake shore to accomplish determinate ecological functions, such as the purification of waters coming from the surrounding watershed and their  apacity to host aquatic animals. The Index has been developed by ISPRA, not by the SILMAS project.
 ==== Category ==== ==== Category ====
 ==== Language ==== ==== Language ====
 +EN, SI, IT, FR, DE
 ==== Target group ==== ==== Target group ====
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