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 +Biomass is the mass of living biological organisms in a population, ecosystem, or spatial unit derived by the fixation of energy though organic processes (Drakou et al. 2015; Reid 2005) ((Drakou, E. G.; Crossman, N. D.; Willemen, L.; Burkhard, B.; Palomo, I.; Maes, J. & Peedell, S. (2015): A visualization and data-sharing tool for ecosystem service maps. Lessons learnt, challenges and the way forward. In: Ecosystem Services 13, p. 134โ€“140.)) ((Reid, W. V. (Ed.) (2005): Ecosystems and human well-being. Synthesis; a report of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, MEA - Millennium Ecosystem Assessment & WRI - World Resources Institute. Washington, DC.)).
 +~~DISCUSSION~~{{tag>​ "​AlpES_project"​}}
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