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Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experiences

Project Partners

Project summary

“CABEE is a transnational Alpine project that aims to create and implement an Alpine-wide guideline for definition, procurement, production, assessment and promotion as well as learning about new and refurbished Nearly-Zero-Emission-Buildings (NZEB) and their neighbourhoods. CABEE capitalizes wisdom from finished and on-going EU-projects but also projects from the Alpine Space program. It focuses on a mass oriented approach with low entry barriers and an on-going Open-Source support. Pilot activities are settled on public tendering, user behaviour and a toward 100% eco-assessment approach. The integration of micro smart energy grids is explored. Furthermore, markets for NZEBs are prepared, especially in cooperation with public authorities and SMEs. On the regional level, “Regional Operation Committees” will be established which are supported by a transnational sustainable network of experts. A public transnational conference concentrates on and spreads out existing knowledge.” Source: CABEE project summary





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
CESBA wikiToolENCivil servants / administration; policy makers; SMEsCESBA wiki is a joint output of the projects CEC5, CABEE, and ViSiBLE and can be considered as the knowledge HUB of CABEE; already established and filled with some results of the Sprint Workshop and first contents from prior projects.
CESBA Sprint workshops - 21-23 october 2013 & 30 june-01 july 2014Pilot activityENCivil servants / administration; policy makers; SMEsSmall expert groups to develop concrete outcomes for the Common European Sustainable Building Assessment.
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
<not yet available>

Accessibility of project results

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