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 +A “capacity building model” is a model that builds on the process of strengthening or developing human resources, institutions,​ organisations or networks. This can also be referred to as capacity development or capacity enhancement (UK National Ecosystem Assessment 2011) ((UK National Ecosystem Assessment (Ed.) (2011): Technical Report (Glossary).)). The underlying principle is the empowerment through knowledge and methods transfer.
 +The United Nations sustainable development action plan “Agenda 21”, a product of the Earth Summit in 1992, stated the following (UN 1992a chapter 37) ((UN (United Nations) (Ed.) (1992a): Agenda 21. United Nations Conference on Environment & Development. Rio de Janerio.)): “A fundamental goal of capacity building is to enhance the ability to evaluate and address the crucial questions related to policy choices and modes of implementation among development options, based on an understanding of environment potentials and limits and of needs perceived by the people of the country concerned"​.
 +~~DISCUSSION~~{{tag>​ "​AlpES_project"​}}
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