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CO2 sequestration from forest and bogs - Demand

General description

This indicator represents the CO2 emissions per municipality (t CO2 ha-1 ) for the year 2010. The CO2 emissions dataset at the European scale (Trombetti et al. 2017), has been rescaled and integrated with the data from the EDGAR database to include the area of Switzerland. This new dataset has been aggregated at the municipal level to assess the tonnes of CO2 emitted per hectare in the Alpine Space. Figure 2 describes in detail the calculation procedure to derive the amount of CO2 emissions (t CO2 ha-1 ) per local administrative units (LAU2) of the Alpine Space.

Input data

Calculation processes (for both datasets)

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>(1) Resampling and downscaling data: resampling of the data in order to be able to calculate the value of emissions per single municipality.</font>

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>(2) Calculate CO2 emissions per municipality:calculate the statistics and the tonnes of CO2 emitted by municipality (tonnes CO2/hectare) taking into consideration its size.</font>



<font 12px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>References:</font>

<font 12px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Trombetti M., Pisoni E., Lavalle C., Downscaling methodology to produce a high resolution gridded emission inventory to support local/city level air quality policies, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, EUR 28428 EN, doi:10.2760/5105</font>

<font 12px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>EDGARv4.2, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)/PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR), release version 4.2., 2011</font>

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