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 +Ecosystem service demand expresses the ecosystem goods and services currently consumed or used in a particular area over a given time period, not considering where ecosystem services actually are provided (Burkhard et al. 2012)((Burkhard,​ B.; Kroll, F.; Nedkov, S. & Müller, F. (2012): Mapping ecosystem service supply, demand and budgets. In: Ecological Indicators 21, p. 17–29.)). The demand can also express the amount of a service required or desired by society (Villamagna et al. 2013)((Villamagna,​ A. M.; Angermeier, P. L. & Bennett, E. M. (2013): Capacity, pressure, demand, and flow. A conceptual framework for analyzing ecosystem service provision and delivery. In: Ecological Complexity 15, p. 114–121.)).
 +~~DISCUSSION~~{{tag>​ "​AlpES_project"​}}
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