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 +Ecosystem processes are intrinsic characteristics of an ecosystem and are essential for the ecosystem to operate, develop and maintain its integrity (UK National Ecosystem Assessment 2011)((UK National Ecosystem Assessment (Ed.) (2011): Technical Report (Glossary).)). Ecosystem processes include decomposition,​ production, nutrient cycling, and fluxes of nutrients and energy (Reid 2005) ((Reid, W. V. (Ed.) (2005): Ecosystems and human well-being. Synthesis; a report of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, MEA - Millennium Ecosystem Assessment & WRI - World Resources Institute. Washington, DC.)) as well as characteristics determining population dynamics such as seed dispersal and migration (Potschin et al. 2016)((Potschin,​ M.; Haines-Young,​ R.; Heink, U. & Jax, K. (Eds.) (2016): OpenNESS Glossary (V3.0). Prepared by the “Glossary editorial team”. Online available at http://​​glossary.)). They are the interactions among biotic and abiotic elements of the ecosystem which are the basis for ecosystem functions (see [[ecosystem_function_alpes|ecosystem functions]]) (Harrington et al. 2010) ((Harrington,​ R.; Anton, C.; Dawson, T. P.; Bello, F. de; Feld, C. K.; Haslett, J. R., et al. (2010): Ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Concepts and a glossary. In: Biodiversity and Conservation 19 (10), p. 2773–2790.)).
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