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 +The phrase “governance” refers to the process of formulating decisions and guiding the behavior of humans, groups and organisations in formally, often hierarchically organised decision-making systems or in networks that cross decision-making levels and sector boundaries (Rhodes 2007; Saarikoski et al. 2013) ((Rhodes, R.A.W. (2007): Understanding Governance. Ten Years On. In: Organization Studies 28 (8), p. 1243–1264.)) ((Saarikoski,​ H.; Raitio, K. & Barry, J. (2013): Understanding ‘successful’ conflict resolution: Policy regime changes and new interactive arenas in the Great Bear Rainforest. In: Land Use Policy 32, p. 271–280.)).
 +~~DISCUSSION~~{{tag>​ "​AlpES_project"​}}
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