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Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF)

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, at its headquarters in Innsbruck, focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary mountain research.


Mountain research at the IGF is mainly in the fields of cultural geography, glaciology, botany, and geomatics. It is dedicated to Global Change and its impact on mountain areas across the world:

  • with more than 400 monitoring stations (in 120 study areas) in the major mountain areas of the world (GLORIA),
  • capturing and analysing glacier movements and mass balances,
  • and socio-economic and ecologic long-term monitoring for the entire Alpine Space.


The IGF hosts and manages the GLORIA monitoring network in alpine areas. It also maintains a cooperation with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Berne/Switzerland, and is member of the Mountain Partnership (FAO), Rome. Together with the Research Focus Alpine Space: Man & Environment of the Innsbruck University and the alpS Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies it forms the Innsbruck Mountain Competence.


eco.mont – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management


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