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-**Demochange:​ Public Participation Manual Public Praticipation (plus Materials)**\\+**Demochange:​ Public Participation Manual Public Praticipation (and Material)**\\
 __Target groups__\\ __Target groups__\\
-Policy maker; civil servants / administration;​ Planner; ​Scientists; Specific institutions\\+Policy maker; civil servants / administration;​ Planner; \\
 __Area of application__\\ __Area of application__\\
-10 pilot regions ​in DEAT, IT, CH: Allgäu, GermanyDistrict of Garmisch-PartenkirchenGermanyPinzgau – Pongau – LungauAustria; Aosta Valley ​Region, Italy; ​Langa Astigiana, Italy; +Canton Nidwalden, Switzerland;​ Seetal ​in Canton LucerneSwitzerlandUpper GorenjskaSloveniaSouth TyrolItaly; Aosta Valley, Italy; ​Piemont, Italy; ​Salzburg / Inner GebirgAustria ​AllgäuGermanyGarmisch PartenkirchenGermany ​\\
-South TyrolItalyUpper GorenjskaSloveniaŠkofja Loka HillsSlovenia; Nidwalden, Switzerland;​ Seetal, Switzerland ​\\+
 __ __
 Time frame__\\ Time frame__\\
-Quantitative data regarding ​ demographic ​and spatial development trends (economy, housing etc.) of the last 20-30 years and prognosis of future demographic development are the base of the analysis;+The manual was compiled in 2011 and represents th state of the art at that time
 __Keywords__\\ __Keywords__\\
-demographic change, ​data analysis+demographic change, ​participation
 __Accessibility__\\ __Accessibility__\\
 +open access to both publications manual and materials
 __Transferability and re-usability__\\ __Transferability and re-usability__\\
-The data of the regions could be re-used after transfering them from pdf-format ​to a format usable for data analysis; to transfer the method ​is not exactly possible without the metadata and a description how to cope data inconsistence+The Manual is directly suitable for reuse in the field of demographic change and the methods transferable also to other thematic issues, but some expert knowledge or experience in participation ​is necessary
 __Sector policies adressed__\\ __Sector policies adressed__\\
 +demographic change, spatial planning, regional development
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