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PermaNET: Education tool kit

Target groups
Civil society / citizens.

Area of application
The tool is an experience-oriented learning project divided in 4 steps (theoretical bases - knowledge path - practical experiments - advice and field trip suggestions) into . It is addressed to pupils aged 10-18 coming from each Alpine country. However, the 4th block of the toolkit presents fields trip suggestions only for Austria (Hochebenkar Rock Glacier/Oetztal Alps and Doesen Rock Glacier/Hohe Tauern) and Italy (Alta Val d’Ultimo). The output can hence be used in less European countries than stated in the presentation of the tool.

Time frame
The tool was realised during the project timeframe.

Related to the type of result: toolkit; theoretical base; knowledge path; practical experiment; field trip.
Related to the thematic of the result: natural sciences; permafrost.

Free access to the English and German versions of the material of the four blocks that compose the toolkit. In the presentation it is stated that “different versions (Italian, German, French) could be delivered by the partners”, but it is not clear if they have effectively been realised and, if yes, where they can be found.

Transferability and re-usability
The output is re-usable. However some adaptations are needed: translation first and then identification of new field trip suggestions because itineraries where to observe the phenomenon are designed only (and not in any) in Alpine countries.

Sector policies addressed

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