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 +**PermaNET: Methods sheets / operational approaches for detection and monitoring of slope movements and ground temperature in permafrost areas**\\
 +__Target groups__\\
 +Scientists; specific institutions.\\
 +__Area of application__\\
 +The methods can be applied in all permafrost areas in the Alps for detection and monitoring of slopes movement and as a support to the analysis of the processes. It is however important to underline that areas influenced by permafrost degradation phenomena are not so wide, thus the areas of application are limited. Despite the limited area of application,​ the phenomena are relevant because of their potential effects and remarkable influence on hazard and risk situations.\\
 +__Time frame__\\
 +The six methods were established during the project timeframe.\\ ​
 +Related to the type of result: method sheet; operational approach; SWOT analysis; mapping.\\ ​
 +Related to the thematic of the result: risk management/​prevention;​ hazards; permafrost; permafrost degradation;​ slope movement; glacier, rock glacier, landslide.\\ ​
 +Open access.\\
 +__Transferability and re-usability__\\
 +The methods described can be applied to high mountain without adaptation required.\\ ​
 +__Sector policies addressed__\\
 +Spatial development;​ land use planning and managing; territorial planning & infrastructure;​ natural risk management; socio-economic activities (tourism; ski resorts, ...) in high mountain areas and also in valleys at long distance from the source area. 
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