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Target groups
Policy maker; civil servants / administration; Planner; Scientists; Specific institutions;

Area of application
The bibliografy is about the ecological reserves in France and particularily about the judirical aspects.

Time frame
The documents in this bibliography go from 1986 to 2010. They are mainly from the first decade of the 2000´s.

connectivity, biodiversity, corridors, landscape connectivity, protected area, ecological, pilot areas, laws;

Open access; The document is available for download and some of the documents included in the list have directs links.

Transferability and re-usability
The documents refer to France and specially to the french alp region, but can serve as a starting point to find literature about ecological connectivity.

Sector policies adressed
agriculture, agro-tourism, ecology, economic development, education, forestry, land use planning, natural ressource management, environmental protection/nature conservation, regional development, regional planning, risks / natural hazards, rural development, spatial development, spatial planning, territorial observation, tourism, transport / mobility, urban design, protected areas,

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