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 +**Final publication **
 +__Target groups__\\
 +Policy maker / civil servants / administration/​ planner/​scientists/​specific institutions\\
 +__Area of application__\\
 +Comunis pilot areas: Municipalities of Martigny, Sion, Sierre (Canton of Valais, Switzerland),​ Alpsee-Grünten (Bavaria, Germany), Tarare region (Greater Lyon, France), Gorenjska (Slovenia), Passeiertal (Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol, Italy), Municipalities of Nizza Monferrato, Canelli and Calamandra (Asti Province, Italy), Greater Walser Valley and Leibachtal (Vorarlberg,​ Austria)
 +Time frame__\\
 +Results have been elaborated during the entire duration of the project. ​
 +Inter-municipal Cooperation,​ Location Development,​ Alpine Space, ​
 +Open access to the guidelines (pdf) in the project website as well as WIKIAlps
 +__Transferability and re-usability__\\
 +This document gives theoretical and practical inputs on how municipalities cna engage realize inter-municipal commercial location development,​ althougn in the main findings is aknoweledge that there are no universally valid and easily transferable solutions. This requires to critically read and adapt methodologies and findings to specific conditions in other contexts, also considering the scope of cooepration and stakeholders involved.
 +__Sector policies adressed__\\
 +Spatial planning, infrastructure,​ business and inustry, social service and housing, resource management
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