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 +__Target groups__\\
 +Policy maker; civil servants / administration;​ Planner; Scientists; Specific institutions;​ Civil society / citizen
 +__Area of application__\\
 +Some information is available for the whole alpine space region and other is only available for the pilot regions selected
 +Time frame__\\
 +connectivity,​ biodiversity,​ corridors, landscape connectivity,​ protected area, ecological, special conservation Zones, continuum suitability index, distribution and migration of specific key species ​ (SMA), connectivity analysis of riverine landscapes (CARL ), application,​ google maps, 
 +Open access; The application is freely accesible on internet. The data in which the tool is based is not available, but it is very well explained where it comes from.
 +__Transferability and re-usability__\\
 +The method described is probably applicable for other regions with adaptions
 +__Sector policies adressed__\\
 +agriculture,​ agro-tourism,​ ecology, economic development,​ education,​forestry,​ land use planning, natural ressource management, environmental protection, nature conservation,​ regional development,​ regional planning, rural development,​ spatial development,​ spatial planning, territorial observation,​ tourism, transport / mobility, urban design,
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