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 +__Target groups__\\
 +Policy maker\\
 +__Area of application__\\
 +Alpine Arc region
 +Time frame__\\
 +The recommendations were compiled in the end of 2011. The information is aging as the legal circumstances might change.
 +connectivity,​ biodiversity,​ corridors, landscape connectivity,​ knowledge transfer, protected area, ecological, policy, recommendations
 +Open access to the recommendations. Downloable from project website and AS web
 +__Transferability and re-usability__\\
 +The recommendations are applicable in the whole Alpine arc region without amendments. They are not transferable outside the AS.
 +__Sector policies adressed__\\
 +"to inform policy makers and decision makers at all levels, from local to regional to trans-national,​ about key conclusions of the project. It is intended, among others, for government agencies and agencies at EU ministries. (p.1)" ​
 +agriculture,​ environment,​ management of natural resources, regional development,​ rural development,​ spatial development,​ transport
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