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 **Webs of life. Alpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity. Results from the ECONNECT project**\\ **Webs of life. Alpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity. Results from the ECONNECT project**\\
-__Target groups__\\ 
-Policy maker; civil servants / administration; Planner; Scientists; Specific institutions;\\ 
-__Area of application__\\ 
-The bibliografy is about the ecological reserves in France and particularily about the judirical aspects.\\ 
-Time frame__\\ 
-The documents in this bibliography go from 1986 to 2010. They are mainly from the first decade of the 2000´s. 
-connectivity, biodiversity, corridors, landscape connectivity, protected area, ecological, pilot areas, laws; 
- Open access; The document is available for download and some of the documents included in the list have directs links. 
-__Transferability and re-usability__\\ 
-The documents refer to France and specially to the french alp region, but can serve as a starting point to find literature about ecological connectivity. 
-__Sector policies adressed__\\ 
-agriculture, agro-tourism, ecology, economic development, education, forestry, land use planning, natural ressource management, environmental protection/nature conservation, regional development, regional planning, risks / natural hazards, rural development, spatial development, spatial planning, territorial observation, tourism, transport / mobility, urban design, protected areas, 
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