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-**Webs of lifeAlpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity. Results from the ECONNECT project**\\+** FINAL BOOKLET: "WEBS OF LIFEALPINE BIODIVERSITY NEEDS ECOLOGICAL CONNECTIVITY**
 __Target groups__\\ __Target groups__\\
-Policy maker; civil servants / administration; Planner; Scientists; Specific institutions;\\+Policy maker;  Civil servants / administration;  Planner; Scientists;  Specific institutions;  Civil society / citizen\\
 __Area of application__\\ __Area of application__\\
-The bibliografy is about the ecological reserves in France and particularily about the judirical aspects.\\+Project actions were implemented within the whole Alpine region as defined by the Alpine Convention. (p.12) ECONNECT selected and implemented actions in seven Pilot Regions, four of which were transnational (p.16).  
 +The 7 Pilot Regions of ECONNECT were selected following a clearly defined process and in accordance with a set of shared criteria, encompassing diverse natural and ecological conditions (p.43); The following ECONNECT pilot Regions served as case studies for comparison:  
 +• “Berchtesgaden - Salzburg” (Austria-Germany)  
 +• “Hohe Tauern and Dolomite Region” (Austria,Italy);  
 +• “Monte Rosa” (Italy, Switzerland);  
 +• “The south-western Alps” (NPs Mercantour/Alpi Marittime ) (France, Italy);  
 +• “The Rhaethian Triangle” (Austria-Italy-Switzerland). (p.24);  
 +Common criteria to select areas (p.14):  
 +• Selection of the important areas for ecological connectivity at the alpine level,  
 +• Identification of the legal, social and economic barriers preventing the preservation and restoration of ecological networks and proposals on how to over- come them;  
 +• Assessment of how policies affect the establishment of ecological connectivity and how ecological networks in turn, influence spatial/infrastructure development and economic activities.
 __ __
 Time frame__\\ Time frame__\\
-The documents in this bibliography go from 1986 to 2010They are mainly from the first decade of the 2000´s.+The results were compiled from September 2008 to November 2011The result is aging as the data and different legislations in which is based are changing.
 __Keywords__\\ __Keywords__\\
-connectivity, biodiversity, corridors, landscape connectivity, protected area, ecological, pilot areas, laws;+Final report, connectivity, biodiversity, recommendations, actions, raising awareness, pilot regions, corridors,  landscape connectivity,  knowledge transfer, protected area, ecological 
 __Accessibility__\\ __Accessibility__\\
- Open access; The document is available for download and some of the documents included in the list have directs links.+open access to the report As it is a summarizing final report, data are not directly accessible from the report
 __Transferability and re-usability__\\ __Transferability and re-usability__\\
-The documents refer to France and specially to the french alp regionbut can serve as a starting point to find literature about ecological connectivity.+The report describes in a summarizing way the methods and processes which were applied during the project. The working steps are transferable to other regions.  The implemented actions on the field are not transferable as they are very specific to each pilot regionsthey can always serve as a model. The comunication strategies are transferables and re-usable.
 __Sector policies adressed__\\ __Sector policies adressed__\\
-agricultureagro-tourism, ecologyeconomic development, educationforestryland use planning, natural ressource management, environmental protection/nature conservation, regional development, regional planning, risks / natural hazards, rural development, spatial development, spatial planning, territorial observation, tourismtransport / mobility, urban design, protected areas,+AgricultureAgro-tourism, EcologyEconomic development, EducationEnvironmental protectionnature conservation, Forestry, Land use planning, Natural resource management, Regional development, Regional planning, Risks / natural hazards, Rural development, Spatial development, Spatial planning, Territorial observation, TourismTransport / mobility, Urban design,  
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