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 +**Moreco: SWOT Appendix 2 โ€“ Motivation of Residential Site and Mobility Mode Decisions**\\
 +__Target groups__\\
 +Civil servants/​administration,​ Planners, Scientists, Project stakeholders\\
 +__Area of application__\\
 +world-wide, pilot regions\\
 +Time frame__\\
 +Motivations and drivers from literature 1970s to now. Results of questionnaires are current. ​
 +pilot site analysis, theory / literature, household decision-making,​ transport / mobility, residential choice\\
 +open access, but English language only\\
 +__Transferability and re-usability__\\
 +General knowledge on motivations and drivers of households' ​ mode and residential location choice is re-usable. Results are transferable.\\
 +__Sector policies adressed__\\
 +spatial development,​ transport / mobility, settlement development\\
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