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 +Payments for ES are conditional payments offered to providers (e.g. farmers or landowners) in exchange for employing management practices that enhance ES provision (Potschin & Burkhard 2015; Tacconi 2012) ((Potschin, M. & Burkhard, B. (2015): Glossary for Ecosystem Service mapping and assessment terminology. Deliverable D1.4. EU Horizon 2020 ESMERALDA Project, Grant agreement No. 642007., checked on 4/​22/​2016.)) ((Tacconi, L. (2012): Redefining payments for environmental services. In: Ecological Economics 73, p. 29โ€“36.)). They are a monetary instrument for the maintenance and development of typically regulating ES (CO2 Sequestration,​ Mediation of water or soil, etc.). The customer receiving the service and paying for it can be the actual beneficiaries ( [[wiki:​beneficiaries_alpes|Beneficiary]]) of the ES (citizens, companies, communities) or other stakeholders (national government, NGOs).
 +~~DISCUSSION~~{{tag>​ "​AlpES_project"​}}
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