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 +===== D.T1.1.1: Analysis of requirements for Smart Altitude web-based data publication and visualisation =====
 +=== Introduction ===
 +This document contains the preliminary requirements for the online WebGIS to be developed as part of WP1 and the Alpine Space / Interreg project Smart Altitude.
 +The requirements are split into two sections, ​
 +  * the user requirements,​ or the user needs, describing what the WebGIS user wants to do with the system, and 
 +  * the functional requirements,​ describing distinct functions of the WebGIS which allow the user to perform the actions described in the user requirements
 +=== User Requirements ===
 +|UR-1 | |User needs to access an online tool to present and access the geospatial outputs of the Smart Altitude project |  ​
 +|UR-2 | |User needs to access an online mapping tool to access different data layers relevant to the project’s topic of low-carbon, high-impact energy production and consumption |  ​
 +| |UR-2.1 |User needs to access thematic data for wind energy potential and production | 
 +| |UR-2.2 |User needs to access thematic data for hydropower energy potential and production |
 +| |UR-2.3 |User needs to access thematic data for solar energy potential and production |
 +| |UR-2.4 |User needs to access thematic data for geothermal energy potential and production |
 +| |UR-2.5 |User needs to access thematic data for biomass energy potential and production |
 +|UR-3 | |User needs to access background data layers providing spatial context to the project’s thematic layers |
 +| |UR-3.1 |User needs to access background satellite imagery |
 +| |UR-3.2 |User needs to access background cartographic maps |
 +| |UR-3.3 |User needs to access background hill shade / relief maps |
 +| |UR-3.4 |Background layers need to be available for the whole alpine region |
 +|UR-4 | |User needs to access data generated and provided for the project’s living labs |
 +|UR-5 | |User needs to access data for the energy requirements of the project’s ski resorts |
 +|UR-6 | |User needs to access data showing ski resort’s facilities and extent |
 +|UR-7 | |User needs to access the user interface in the major languages existing in the alpine region |
 +|UR-8 | |User needs to print hard copies and export PDF documents of map content |
 +|UR-9 | |User needs access to a layer tree to |
 +| |UR-9.1 |Switch on/off and combine layers displayed on the map |
 +| |UR-9.2 |Change layer transparency |
 +| |UR-9.3 |Change layer drawing order |
 +|UR-10 | |User needs an online introduction / tutorial to the WebGIS |
 +|UR-11 | |User needs a calculation tool in order to combine and calculate parameters based on data available in the WebGIS |
 +|UR-12 | |User needs to identify features of displayed layers in order to access and display feature / metadata | 
 +|UR-13 | |User needs to access a layer legend and layer information / metadata |
 +|UR-14 | |User needs to download project specific data to their own desktop machine for further use |
 +|UR-15 | |User needs access to project layers in their own desktop GIS system |
 +|UR-16 | |User needs access to a full text search interface to find municipalities and other features as provided by the project data | 
 +=== Functional Requirements ===
 +|FR-1 | |The WebGIS provides an online interface accessible on desktop computers with standard internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, not older than 2018 releases |
 +|FR-2 | |The minimum screen resolution for an acceptable user experience shall be 1600 x 900 pixels |
 +|FR-3 | |The minimum network bandwidth for an acceptable user experience shall be 5 Mbit/s |
 +|FR-4 | |The WebGIS needs to provide a web mapping component, allowing |
 +| |FR-4.1 |Zooming and panning |
 +| |FR-4.2 |Cartographic representation / SRS to be EPSG:3857, Web Spherical Mercator Projection |
 +| |FR-4.3 |Display of a scale bar |
 +| |FR-4.4 |Display of a layer legend / styling |
 +| |FR-4.5 |Full screen map display |
 +| |FR-4.5 |Mouse cursor coordinate display in most common SRS, including Lat/Long (EPSG:​4326),​ UTM, and Web Spherical Mercator (EPSG:3857) |
 +|FR-5 | |The WebGIS needs to provide public and private layer access in order to restrict public access to sensitive layers |
 +|FR-6 | |Project layers to be exposed via OGC WxS web services |
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