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This chapter starts with a first overview of the structure and the information offered by the Smart Altitude WebGIS.

Access the Smart Altitude WebGIS: Council member Ms. Curious just heard about the Smart Altitude project and its WebGIS. This tool sounds quite useful for achieving her purpose. She enters “Smart Altitude WebGIS” into the search engine of her web browser and the returned search result leads her to the Smart Altitude WebGIS. She saves the URL for future usage.

Choose your language: First Ms. Curious chooses her preferred language in the upper right corner of her screen. It is possible to choose between English, German, French, Italian and Slovenian. Please note that layer attributes (characteristics) are only available in English.

About Smart Altitude: In the middle of the grey bar on the top of the website, she finds the “About Smart Altitude” button. Because she is not that familiar with the Smart Altitude project yet, she uses these links to inform herself on the Smart Altitude project homepage ( Here she can find important information about the project and also other offered tools, like the Smart Altitude Toolkit ( including the Smart Altitude Webinar Series ( She also clicks on the link to WIKIAlps, where further information about the WebGIS including the different functions and operations of the WebGIS are presented. There is also a table showing all available datasets within the Smart Altitude WebGIS with their main characteristics. On the WIKIAlps Smart Altitude page she finds an article about the Key performance indicators (KPIs), which are visible for three of the four Living labs on the WebGIS. On page four there are some explanations, helping her to understand the KPIs. In addition, she finds detailed descriptions of all offered datasets and their metadata on WIKIAlps. This information is highly important for a correct usage and interpretation of the data. Have a look here. Mr. Curious finds out that she can also contact the developing and project team of the Smart Altitude WebGIS through the Feedback and Contact buttons. Feedback is highly appreciated, so users are invited to send an email with suggestions on how to improve the WebGIS.

Basic introduction: Now Ms. Curious is ready to start working with the Smart Altitude WebGIS. Since she has no idea what to do, she starts with the basic introduction. This is found on the right hand side in the grey bar on the top, shown as a little green question icon. This introduction automatically starts when first visiting this homepage. She is guided through the main parts and possibilities of the WebGIS platform. After this short introduction she feels confident enough to try and play around with the Smart Altitude WebGIS by herself.

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