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This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme


Transnational topics of Sustainable Spatial Development

In order to identify the transnational topics in Alpine area two documents deem to be of high priority:

  • The Guiding Principles for Sustainable Spatial Development for the European Continent (CEMAT 2000)
  • The Alpine Convention Protocol on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development.

Based on these documents and adjusted to mountain environments transnational topics are compiled in a grouping to CEMAT’s 10 main principles:

1 Territorial cohesion through balanced social and economic development
  • Polycentric development model as basis for spatial development
  • Economic diversification, multiple job-holding, craft and SME maintenance and development
  • Cooperation between SME within the Alpine Space
  • Support both economic development and a balanced distribution of the population in the Alpine territory/polycentricity
  • facilitate equal opportunities for the local population in its social, cultural and economic development

projects related to topic 1

2 Improving urban – rural relationship and Alpine/peri-alpine relationship
  • Accessibility of urban systems and functions and of public services and central functions for country dwellers
  • Equivalency of living conditions and quality
  • Recognition of the interests of Alpine populations
  • Synergies and complementarity between towns
  • Revitalisation and diversification of rural economies
  • Accessibility of recreation areas for urban dwellers while safeguarding natural and cultural heritages
  • Compensation mechanisms for Alpine services delivered to the lowlands or vice versa
  • Regulation of adverse impacts on the Alps generated outside of the Alpine Space

projects related to topic 2

3 Balanced accessibility
  • Completing TEN-projects where appropriate to a sustainable spatial policy
  • Linking small and medium-sized towns and peripheral areas to the major transport networks
  • Careful improvement of regional and local accessibility if necessary
  • Promotion of public transport offers

projects related to topic 3

4 Developing access to information and knowledge
  • Improving access to information

projects related to topic 4

5 Reducing environmental damage
  • Improving inadequate coordination of sectoral policies or local decisions
  • Prevention and mitigation of environmental harms through sectoral policies through spatial planning policy
  • Protection, sustainable management and rehabilitation of land, water, air and landscapes, fauna, flora, habitats

projects related to topic 5

6 Enhancing and protecting natural resources and natural heritage
  • Protection of natural resources as elements for balanced ecosystems, regional attractiveness, recreational quality and quality of life
  • Integrated mangement of water resources
  • Re-establishing and conserving ecosystems including ecological networks through spatial planning policy
  • Protection of environment by agriculture and forestry
  • Harmonise use of territory with the ecological needs and objectives
  • Use the resources and the territory sparingly and compatibly with the environment

projects related to topic 6

7 Enhancing cultural heritage as a factor for development
  • Integrated management of cultural hertitage
  • Relationship between modern architecture, urban design and cultural heritage
  • Maintenance and promotion of identity of mountain populations
  • Maintenance and promotion of diversity of cultural heritage
  • Respect of regional identities and specific cultural features

projects related to topic 7

8 Safe development of energy resources
  • Improving energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Promotion of renewable energy sources within the limits of the environmental capacities

projects related to topic 8

9 Encouraging high quality, sustainable tourism
  • Consideration of natural resources, economic, social and cultural environments
  • Development of tourism within the carrying capacity of these resources and environments

projects related to topic 9

10 Limitation of natural disaster impacts
  • Taking preventive measures
  • Reducing the vulnerability of settlement structures

projects related to topic 10

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