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Valorization of Sustainable Alpine Space nearly zero-energy Building and Low-carbon Experiences

Project Partners

Project summary

“Many EU funded projects have approached the topics of energy efficiency, a low-carbon economy and sustainable building within the last years. Platforms and networks on sustainable buildings have been launched, many pilot activities have been conducted successfully and valuable know-how has been accumulated. Especially projects funded via the Alpine Space Programme have gained valuable experience. ViSiBLE therefore focuses on the valoristion, i.e. dissemination and exploitation, of sustainable building and low carbon experiences in the Alpine Space and beyond and will thus contribute to improve the sustainability of the built environment in Europe.” Source: ViSiBLE project summary





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
CESBA wikiToolENCivil servants/administration; policy makers; SMEsCESBA wiki is a joint output of the projects CEC5, CABEE, and ViSiBLE; already established and filled with information on the CESBA initiative, results from former projects on energy efficiency, a low-carbon economy and sustainable building, and organization profiles of partners involved in those projects.
ViSiBLE Resource BookBest practiceENOrganizations and persons that have been involved or want to be involved in EU-funded projects on energy efficiency, a low-carbon economy and sustainable buildingViSiBLE Resource book: This output reveals short factsheets of 50 selected outputs from 20 different EU projects that have been analysed in the ViSiBLE project.
CESBA dissemination materialToolEN, CZ, SK, DE, ITOrganizations that want to learn about or promote the CESBA initiative Toolkit of dissemination material on CESBA: standard presentation, poster, leaflet, and Introduction to CESBA (dissemination strategy)
Report on EU sector relevant programmes for projects on sustainable buildingToolENOrganizations and people interested in applying for EU project funding Report on EU sector relevant programmes on projects about sustainable building
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
<not yet available>

Accessibility of project results

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