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 FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)//
-=====Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF)===== +===== Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF) =====
-{{ :​wiki:​igf_gruppenfoto-6.jpg?​200|}} +
-[[http://​www.mountainresearch.at|The Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF)]] at its headquarters in Innsbruck focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary mountain research in cooperation with international groups of scientists. It also includes [[http://​www.gloria.ac.at/?​a=7&​l=2|GLORIA]],​ the long-term global monitoring network in alpine areas. It maintains a cooperation with the [[Mountain Research Initiative (MRI)]], Berne/​Switzerland,​ and is member of the Mountain Partnership (FAO), Rome. For Austria the IGF is administrating [[http://​www.chat-mountainalliance.eu/​en/​|the Swiss-Austrian mountain research alliance (CH-AT)]]. Together with the Research Focus [[wiki:​alpinespace|Alpine Space]]: Man & Environment of the Innsbruck University [[http://​www.uibk.ac.at/​alpinerraum/​index.html.en]] and the [[http://​www.alp-s.at/​cms/​en/​|alpS Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies]] it forms the //Innsbruck Mountain Competence//​. ​+
----- +The **Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research** (IGF) of the Austrian Academy ​of Sciences, ​at its headquarters in Innsbruckfocuses ​on inter- and transdisciplinary mountain researchMountain research at the IGF is mainly in the fields ​of cultural geographyglaciologybotany, and geomatics
-====Latest publications==== +=== Cooperations ===
-  ​Borsdorf, A. & Ch. Stadel 2013. //Die Anden. Ein geographisches Porträt.// Heidelberg. +
-  ​Borsdorf, A., M. Mergili & L.A. Ortega 2013. La Reserva de la Biosfera Cinturón Andino, Colombia. Una región modelo de estrageias de adaptación als cambio climático y de desarrollo regional sustentable?​ In: //Revista de Geografía Norte Grande// 55: 7-18.  +
-  ​Bremer, M., M. Rutzinger & V. Wichmann 2013. Derivation of tree skeletons and error assessment using LiDAR point cloud data of varying quality. In: //ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing// 80: 39-50.  +
-  ​Dobler, Ch., G. Bürger & J. Stötter 2013. Simulating future precipitation extremes in a complex Alpine catchment. In: //Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences// 2 (13): 263-277. +
-  * Fernández-Calzado,​ R., D. Ghosn, D., M. Gottfried, G. Kazakis, J. Molero Mesa, H. Pauli & A. Merzouki. 2013. Patterns ​of endemism along an elevation gradient in Sierra Nevada (Spain) and Lefka Ori (Crete, Greece). In:// Pirineos. Revista de Ecología de Montaña// 168: 7-24. +
-  * Grünewald, T., J. Stötter, J.W. Pomeroy, R. Dadic, I. Moreno Banos, M. Spross, C. Hopkinson, P. Burlando & M. Lehning 2013. Statistical modelling ​of the accumulation snow depth distribution in open alpine terrain. In: //​Hydrological Earth System ​Sciences// 17: 3005-3021.  +
-  * KanitscheiderS. & O. Bender 2013. Las regiones de montañas como espacios de oportunidad para la integración bioceánica:​ el ejemplo del Paso de Jama en los Andes Centrales. In: //Revista de Geografía Norte Grande// 55: 43-54.  +
-  * MarchantC. & A. Borsdorf 2013. Protected areas in Northern Colombia – on track to sustainable development?​ In: //​eco.mont ​Journal on Mountain Protected Areas Research ​and Management//​ 5, 2: 5-14. +
-  * Noroozi, J., W. Willner, H. Pauli & G. Grabherr 2013. Phytosociology and ecology of the highalpine to subnival scree vegetation of N and NW Iran (Alborz and Azerbaijan Mts.). In: //Applied Vegetation Science// Online first: 1-20. +
-  * Orsi, F., Geneletti, D. & A. Borsdorf 2013. Mapping wildness for protected area management: A methodological appoach and application for the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site (Italy). //Landcape and Urban Planning// 120: 1-15.  +
-  * Pfurtscheller,​ C. &  A. H. Thieken 2013. The price of safety: costs for mitigating and coping with Alpine hazards. //Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences// 13: 2619-2637.  +
-  * PichlerT.NicolussiK., Goldenberg, G., Hanke, K., Kovács, K. & A. Thurner 2013. Charcoal from a prehistoric copper mine in the Austrian Alps: Dendrochronological ​and dendrological data, demand for wood and forest utilisatio. //Journal of Archaeological Science// 40, 2: 11.  +
-  * Wiegand, C., Kringer, K., Geitner, C. & M. Rutzinger 2013. Regolith structure analysis — A contribution to understanding the local occurrence of shallow landslides (Austrian Tyrol). //​Geomorphology//​ 183: 5-13. +
-  * Wiegand, C., Rutzinger, M., Heinrich, K. & C. Geitner 2013. Automated Extraction of Shallow Erosion Areas Based on Multi-Temporal Ortho-Imagery. //Remote Sensing// 5, 5: 2292-2307. +
-  * Zemp, M., Thibert, E., Huss, M., Stumm, D., Rolstad Denby, C., Nuth, C., Nussbaumer, S. U., Moholdt,G., Mercer, A., Mayer, C., Joerg, P. C., Jansson, P., Hynek, B., Fischer, A., Escher-Vetter H., Elvehøy, H. & L. M. Andreassen 2013. Uncertainties and reanalysis of glacier mass balance measurements. //The Cryosphere Discussions//​ 7: 789-839. ​+
-====Latest projects==== +The IGF hosts and manages the [[http://​www.gloria.ac.at/?​a=7&​l=2|GLORIA]] monitoring network in alpine areas. It also maintains a cooperation with the [[:wiki:​mountain_research_initiative_mri|Mountain Research Initiative (MRI)]], Berne/​Switzerland,​ and is member of the Mountain Partnership ​(FAO), Rome. Together with the Research Focus [[:wiki:​alpinespace|Alpine Space]]: Man & Environment ​of the Innsbruck University [[http://www.uibk.ac.at/​alpinerraum/​index.html.en|http://www.uibk.ac.at/alpinerraum/index.html.en]] and the [[http://www.alp-s.at/cms/en/|alpS Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies]] it forms the //Innsbruck Mountain Competence//
-  * VOICE - Voluntary work in disaster management - Challenges for adaptation to climate change; Austrian Climate Research Program (2013 - 2015) [[http://​www.mountainresearch.at/index.php/​en/​projects/​100-projects/​ongoing-projects/​328-voice-en.html]] +=== Links ===
-  * Investigating Cultural Sustainability;​ COST Action IS1007 (2011–2015) ​[[http://​www.mountainresearch.at/​index.php/​en/​projects/​100-projects/​ongoing-projects/​287-cost-is1007-en.html]] +
-  * Glacier monitoring on the Hallstatt Glacier; Land Oberösterreich ​(2012–2016) [[http://​www.mountainresearch.at/​index.php/​en/​projects/​100-projects/​ongoing-projects/​329-hallstatt-glacier-en.html]] +
-  * Glacier monitoring Venedigerkees;​ Hydrographical Service ​of Salzburg province (2012–2016) ​http://www.mountainresearch.at/index.php/​en/​projects/​100-projects/​ongoing-projects/​268-glacier-rmonitoring-venedigerkees.html +
-  * mountain.TRIP. Mountain Sustainability - Transforming Research into Practice; FP7 (2010-2012) [[http://www.mountaintrip.eu/]] +
-====Scientists==== +
-  * [[http://de.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Axel_Borsdorf|Borsdorf,​ Axel]] +
-  * [[http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Fischer|Fischer, Andrea]] - Austrian ​ of the Year 2013, Section Research  +
-  * [[http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Grabherr|Grabherr,​ Georg]] - Austrian Scientist of the Year 2012+
-====Links==== +  * [[http://​www.mountainresearch.at|IGF ​website]] 
-[[http://​www.mountainresearch.at|IGF ​Homepage]] | [[http://​de.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Institut_f%C3%BCr_Gebirgsforschung:​_Mensch_und_Umwelt|IGF wikipedia article]]+  * [[http://​www.oeaw.ac.at|Austrian Academy of Sciences]] 
 +  * [[http://​de.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Institut_f%C3%BCr_Gebirgsforschung:​_Mensch_und_Umwelt|IGF wikipedia article]]
-====Journals===+=== Journals ===
-[[http://​http://​www.oeaw.ac.at/​ecomont/​|eco.mont]] – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management ​+
-[[http://​www.mountainresearch.at/index.php/​en/​|{{wiki:​igf_oeaw_logo_en_green_rgb_small.jpg}}]]+[[http://http://www.oeaw.ac.at/ecomont/|eco.mont]] – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management 
 +{{tag>"​igf"​ "​institution"​ "​interdisciplinarity"​ "​mountain"​ "​research"​}}
-{{tag>"​institution"​ "​IGF"​ "​mountain"​ "​research"​ "​interdisciplinarity"​}} 
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