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Surface water for drinking with minor or no treatment

Surface water for drinking is the availability, demand and actual consumption of clean (surface) water for domestic use. Water availability holds information on the capacity of a specific ecosystem to supply water. Water abstraction on the other hand describes the ES demand and/or ES-flow for water.


There are numerous indicators for drinking water. As such a few examples are:

  • Demand
    • Proportion of population using an improved drinking water source
    • Proportion of cities obtaining water supplies from protected areas
    • Water-stressed population
    • Water Exploitation Index
    • Total Water requirements
    • ….
  • Flow
    • Water Consumption for drinking
    • Water abstracted
    • Water Exploitation Index (WEI)
    • Consumptive water use by end user
  • Supply
    • Surface water availability
    • Total freshwater resources
    • Nitrate-vulnerable zones
    • River salinity
    • Renewable water supply accessible to humans
    • Water storage capacity

AlpES water for drinking with minor to no treatment

For the purposes of the AlpES Project, this ecosystem service is defined as “water for drinking with minor to no treatment”. The provision dynamics of the ES surface water for drinking with minor or no treatments in the Alps were assessed by means of the following supply, demand and flow indicators:

The AlpES Project quantifies and maps the ES of drinking water demand and supply for the Alpine Space. These maps, demonstrating the quantity and quality of drinking water will be located here.

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