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Surface water for drinking with minor or no treatments - Demand

General description

The drinking water demand is displaying the abstractions from water resources for the public water supply. Water abstraction is understood as water removed from its source. We use collected data from Eurostat at regional scale, which is disaggregated to municipality level to map the drinking water demand.

Input Data

  • <font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Annual fresh water abstraction by source and by sector in million m³ per year</font>
  • <font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>National Census data</font>
  • <font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Occupancy rates of tourist accommodation</font>

Calculation processes

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>(1) Extract relevant data</font>

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Similar to the flow indicator, we are here also working with EUROSTAT data which needs to be downloaded from the Homepage (water abstractions). In a next step, the necessary table needs to be filtered as we want to extract only the necessary information.</font>

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Thus after opening the table “Water abstractions by NUT 2 regions”, it needs to be filtered for the country, the source and the water process. Here: Alpine Space Countries, fresh surface water and total gross abstraction.</font>

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>(2) Disaggregation to municipality level</font>

<font 14px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>As the smallest scale here is the NUTS-2 level, we need to disaggregate the datasets again to municipal level. This is done by allocating the water abstraction according to the overnight stays in hotels and population data at municipal level.</font>



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