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Alpine building culture and ecology. Competence development of local craft companies in the area of energy-efficient renovation of traditional alpine old buildings and settlements

Project Partners

Project summary

“The project AlpHouse strives to enhance the competitiveness of regional SMEs by providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools for top-quality renovations of Alpine old buildings. These shall meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and at the same time preserve the regional characteristics and the endogenous wisdom of Alpine architecture. To this end, AlpHouse will develop and implement a comprehensive program of qualification modules and a web based information platform, both based on an analysis of the currently available knowledge on energy technology and regional Alpine architecture. The project addresses the target groups craft enterprises, architects/planners and policy makers. There is a special focus on practical instruction (e.g. on pilot construction sites), on tools for decision makers and on high visibility to the public. In result the rate and quality of renovations shall be raised, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the Alpine Space.” Source: AlpHouse project summary





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
Final publicationReportEN, DE, IT, FR Planners; policy makers; civil society / citizensIt also contains messages for policy makers and governance and tools for decision makers and planners.
36 AlpHouse Qualification modulesPilot activityEN, DE, IT, FR depending on where the module took placePlanners; specific institutions; SMEs; policy makers“The comprehensive knowledge found and collected by AlpHouse is made available for local stakeholders by qualification modules for individual target groups. The modules vary in time format ranging from evening workshops to courses lasting several days. Their locations differ according to the subject: theoretical instructions in class rooms, practical trainings in construction halls, and on-site workshops on pilot building sites.” Source: AlpHouse Qualification modules
AlpHouse Information Platform n.1ToolEN Planners; specific institutions; policy makers; SMEs; broader publicThis internet based information platform is the biggest one and “displays the central outcomes of the project for the use of SMEs, broader public, house builders, and decision makers. It is online since 2011 and offers for example: a database on pilot regions, pilot municipalities and pilot buildings, interactive maps that give quick access to geographic, climatic, and demographic data.” Source: AlpHouse Information Platform
AlpHouse Information Platform n.2ToolEN, DE, IT, FR depending on which partner produced the materialPlanners; specific institutions; policy makers; SMEs; broader publicIt is the smaller one and it contains the material that has been used in the training modules, giving support to the participants and offering additional material for online learning. Users need to have an account to access the platform.
Database of experts and trainersDatabaseEN Planners; specific institutions; SMEs“Many researchers, trainers, craftsmen, architects and others contributed their expert knowledge to AlpHouse. They either did the analysis of pilot regions and buildings or were trainers in the qualification modules or provided knowledge by their publications, technical solutions or training material.” Source: Database of experts and trainers
Database of SMEsDatabaseEN Planners; specific institutions“Many SMEs - architects, planners, craftsmen and others – have participated in AlpHouse trainings, thereby gaining competencies in performing high quality renovations of alpine buildings.” Source: Database of SMEs
AlpHouse joint synoptic reportReportEN Planners; specific institutions“This joint report covers the compilation of the project partners' analysis documents executed on the base of the common framework.” Source: Joint Synoptic Report, p. 5
AlpHouse fair stand handbook and cataloguePilot activityonly EN for the handbook; EN, IT, FR, DE for the cataloguePlanners; specific institutions; SMEs; broader publicThe AlpHouse fair stand informs about the project AlpHouse. The stand focuses on the analysis work of the project partners. The tour of the stand has been done throughout the regions of the PPs and on fair trades.
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
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Accessibility of project results

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