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About WIKIAlps

What is the background of WIKIAlps?

Spatial development is a crucial issue in the Alpine Space where economy, society and environment have to coexist in a very confined space. Any small action taken in any of these fields can trigger big alterations in the others. In the same way, actions taken at local, regional or national level have consequences that affect other countries within the Alpine Space. A balanced and shared territorial development in all the Alpine Space countries needs appropriate, current and manageable information for a sound decision-making. Nowadays the big and diverse amount of information available makes finding the correct and useful pieces very difficult and time consuming. And this is where WIKIAlps springs into action:

What is the purpose of WIKIAlps?

WIKIAlps aims to facilitate a balanced and shared territorial development in the Alpine Space by overcoming national borders. How?
By providing operative ready-to-use tools to facilitate the tasks of decision makers, civil servants, researchers and entrepreneurs. WIKIAlps is a dedicated instrument to gather and capitalise on experiences, results and methods from selected Alpine Space 2007 - 2013 projects, especially in the areas of “inclusive growth” and “resource efficiency and ecosystem management”. It highlights:

  • Not recognised synergies
  • Remaining gaps
  • Achievements that could be further implemented
  • Emerging contradictions
  • Potential requirements and benefits for sustainable transnational spatial development.

WIKIAlps approaches the analyses from three different perspectives:

  • Project perspective: analysing the tools available through the results of selected Alpine Space projects. Re-organising the outcomes of these projects
  • Policy perspective: identifying transnational needs and challenges based on the analysis of selected transnational and national official documents.
  • Stakeholder perspective: competences matrix of stakeholders involved in spatial development in the Alpine Space.

What can you find in this WIKI?

How can you find information in the WIKI?

The WIKI can be navigated and information found in different ways:

  • Surfing from article to article through the links present in the different articles
  • Using the search bar in the top-right corner of the page
  • Using the detailed Road-map
  • Using the wordcloud in the startpage.

Who can contribute to the WIKI?

The WIKI can be filled and edited by anyone who has experience and passion about spatial development. Full information on how to contribute is available here.

How to register as an author?

If you want to share your knowledge with us, please register here.

Who is behind WIKIAlps?

WIKIAlps relies on a group of seven partners coming from six countries of the Alpine Space. More information about the partnership is available in the article About us.

WIKIAlps or WIKIAlps?

WIKIAlps is the name of this wiki that is being developed within the sphere of the WIKIAlps project, a capitalisation project being co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund via the Alpine Space Programme, the EU’s territorial co-operation programme.

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