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The WIKIAlps database is a web application with a graphical user interface that helps users to easily search and access information on Alpine Space (AS) stakeholders and project outputs. It is a complementary part of WIKIAlps that provides an interactive tool with several search and filter functions. Back and forward links to the WIKI make it an essential element of WIKIAlps. The following instructions shall help you to get started with the WIKIAlps database. It describes its content and its major functionalities, and it gives some helpful tips for use.

Access the database…


The WIKIAlps database is graphical user interface that is based on a relational database. It links AS project partners, AS projects and project outputs. The database reflects all projects that have been screened and analysed in the WIKIAlps project, i.e. 30 projects from the thematic fields inclusive growth and resource efficiency and ecosystem management. The basic data on AS project partners and projects has been provided by the Joint Technichal Secreteriat of the AS Programme.

Graphical user interface and content

The graphical user interface is composed of a

  • header, showing the WIKIAlps and AS logos,
  • a main central frame, the data frame, presenting the data in four different tabs (projects, stakeholders, outputs and transnational needs) and two search tools for projects and stakeholders,
  • a frame on the left hand side presenting a cartography tool, the stakeholder map,
  • and a frame on the right hand side presenting the filter tools, the filter frame.

All these elements are interrelated, i.e. clicking on a stakeholder on the map will result in a selection of this stakeholder in the stakeholder tab (if this tab is active). If a filter in the filter frame is applied, all data tabs (except for the transnational needs tab) will be filtered.

Data Frame

The central data frame provides the main data tables on stakeholders, projects, outputs and the results of the transnational needs analysis in separate tabs, just like in an excel sheet. They are selectable, and if a tab is active, its columns can be scrolled and sorted alphabetically.

  • Project tab

The project tab provides the data on the analysed AS projects, i.e. name, summary, thematic field and AS 2007-2013 priority area. By clicking on the project acronym, the user accesses directly the corresponding WIKIAlps page.

  • Stakeholder tab

The stakeholder tab shows the attribute table of institutions that participated in the 30 analysed projects. Every line corresponds to an institution and provides all the information collected in the stakeholder analysis. This is the core table of our matrix of competences. The zoom function (left click on reading-glass symbol) enables the user to localise the institution in the map window (pressing shift enables the user to select more than institution in the table). To sum up the information on a stakeholder in a cv-like form and download a pdf file, the user can create a factsheet by clicking on the sheet symbol (next to the reading-glass symbol).

  • Stakeholder factsheets

More details on the stakeholder factsheets

  • Output tab

The output tab presents all project outputs produced by the 30 analysed projects. The data on outputs includes target group, language, a summary (remark), project in which it was produced and output type. By clicking on the output name, the output is directly accessed either on the AS homepage or on the corresponding project homepage.

  • Transnational needs tab

The transnational needs tab allows you to group and list all results found in the transnational needs analysis of regional, national and transnational documents carried out in the WIKIAlps project. Further information are explained in the wiki behind the transnational needs approach and the database section transnational needs.

Stakeholder Map

The stakeholder map shows the locations (LAU2 level) of stakeholders across the wider European territory. Each red circle in the map represents one or more stakeholders. Clicking on a stakeholder on the map will result in a selection of this stakeholder in the stakeholder tab (if this tab is active). Selection of more than one stakeholder is possible by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging a selection window.

Filters and Search Functions

There are 11 filters in the filter frame (right hand-side), grouped by tabs. Using them, the user may filter projects, stakeholders and outputs at the same time. This means that a filter is simultaneously applied to the three tabs projects, stakeholders and outputs (as they are interlinked in the database). Filtering is possible via

  • acronym, priority area, thematic field and keywords for projects,
  • country, spatial level, thematic focus and type for stakeholders,
  • and output type, target group and language for outputs.

The reset button removes all filters.

The two search functions in the main data frame enable the user to search for specific projects or stakeholders (English name, original name, acronym).

Site Notice

The database and its web user interface bave been developed by Irstea, UR DTM within the WIKIAlps project, integrating continous feedback of all project partners. Data on stakeholders and projects came from the Joint Technical Secreteriat of the AS Programme, and were enriched with data from the project screening and analysis steps of the WIKIAlps projects. All data is of 11/2014.

Contact: frederic.bray[at]

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