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WIKIAlps Template

If you like to use this template for writing an new entry for WIKIAlps, please read this entry in “DW edit mode” (see pencil button to the right) and copy it into your new entry.

Make sure to include the following elements in the first section:

  • Provide reader with general definition, argument, or problem indication, and
  • Explain relevance for the “sustainable, balanced, and shared territorial development in the Alpine Space”.

Your entry should also contain the following components, so it can be found in the WIKIAlps by other users:

  1. Use the correct heading for your entry title (H2) and section titles (H4) as has been done in this entry,
  2. Add tags at the end of the entry by using existing tags or by creating new tags (see below), and
  3. Make sure to add as many (existing) internal links to other WIKIAlps entries as possible, for example to the AlpES project or to a term in the glossary.

Title of section 2 – n

Other important elements of a wiki entry are:

Title of subsection

Text and, if relevant, internal and external links, footnotes, and images. Please, try to avoid subsections.

Title of section n

Approach to the theme in AlpES project (if relevant), plus internal and external links, footnotes, and images.

Additional Resources

Here you can add additional resources that provide the reader with more (in-depth) information about the topic. These additional recources can for example be in the form of websites or (online) articles.

For more general information information, please read the "how to use WIKIAlps" article. For more information on formatting, visit the Formatting Syntax article . If you have any doubts, questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at: wikialps[at]

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Synthesis. Island Press (2015), Washington, DC.
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