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Sustainable Mobility Information Network for the Alpine Space

Project Partners

Project summary

“Lacking information about public transport is often an obstacle for travellers to use public transport at all. This is an even bigger challenge when travelling by sustainable transport modes to and within destinations of the Alpine Space, where often cross-border information is needed. This project aims to provide travellers with comprehensive information about sustainable transport modes beyond regional and national borders and to address them through smart channels that provide information when needed. For achieving this, the project elaborates a strategy for the dissemination of public transport information and integrates existing information systems to a sustainable mobility information network (AlpInfoNet). With the involvement of technical and political key actors from transport, tourism and environment, it is guaranteed that technical and political obstacles on the way to the implementation of AlpInfoNet in several pilot regions can be solved and long-lasting results be achieved.”

Source: AlpInfoNet project summary


  • Less than 10% of tourists arrive by public transport
  • Lack of information on sustainable mobility on transnational level
  • Lack of information about last mile offers
  • Communication and connection of mobility and tourism data and information systems need to be improved


  • Accessibility
  • Interoperability / Intermodality
  • Integrated mobility planning
  • Passenger transport


  • Mountain sustainable mobility
  • Low carbon tourist transport
  • International informative coordination


  • AlpInfoNet website
  • Five maps
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Final Report
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