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Smart Altitude & WIKIAlps: inviting articles on sustainable spatial development in winter tourism regions of the Alpine Space

WIKIAlps is a knowledge and information platform for everyone interested in a sustainable, balanced, and shared territorial development in the Alpine Space. The AlpES project partners are currently hard at work writing WIKIAlps articles about the Smart Altitude project, which focuses on Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future, and about Sustainable Spatial Development (SSD) and natural capital in the Alpine Space in general. To expand and advance WIKIAlps, we’d like to invite experts on SSD in the Alpine Space to contribute their knowledge to the WIKIAlps by improving, discussing or writing articles. In the glossary at WIKIAlps, suggestions for articles can be found (red link), but other contributions are also very welcome. Contributing to WIKIAlps is easy! Please register here and read the "how to use WIKIAlps" article. For more information please send an email to wikialps[at]

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