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Data quality requirements

  • Format options:
    • Vector (ESRI Shapefile)
    • Raster (GeoTIFF)
    • Table (Key Column have to be LAU2 “inspireID” as per EuroGeographics DS (EBM v10))
  • Area: Alpine Space (exact boundary)
  • Projection (SRS): EPSG:3857, WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator
  • “Clean” data (f.e. no irrelevant attribute columns, correct spelling etc)
  • English legend column
  • Styling column if necessary (i.e. Classification)
  • Detailled styling preferences (example screenshot with text explanations like the description of colour Hexcodes and further sld variables or in the best case a css or sld file)
  • Correct total name for visualisation in WebGIS (i.e. catalogue item text)
  • Link or description of all kind of metadata like categories in WebGIS data
  • If datasets are not Lau2 based (and have not to be joined with Lau2 Dataset), they need a column named “Area_km2” (area correct calculated f.e. as LAEA (EPSG: 3035)

Each layer/table/dataset has to have an WIKIAlps entry with all its metadata information and a detailed and transparent description of the origin/development/calculation, etc.. This should be understandable for everyone, so feel free to illustrate the entry with photos, diagrams, tables and so on. We will lock the final articles, so that they can't be changed by other WIKIAlps users. Please inform us, if they are finished.

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