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Ifuplan - Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development

Over the last twenty years, ifuplan has provided numerous services relating to environmental, land resource and conservation planning. In the course of this work we succeeded in steadily widening both our range of services and our customer base. In addition to the “classic” tasks we also engage in research projects, environmental reporting and data analyses. In spatial terms we focus on southern Germany but we also carry out projects on a national level and within the Alpine Space.

Currently ifuplan employs specialists with a background in landscape planning, geography, surveying, biology and forestry. Numerous other experts are contracted in for individual projects to complement the expertise of our permanent staff.

Ifuplan contributes the perspective of a planning consultancy to the WIKIAlps project. Through our diverse range of projects from local to international level, we are regularly confronted with the need to adapt complex spatial development issues and methodologies to concrete planning tasks and projects. We know first-hand how relevant it is for local and regional planning projects to have accurate information in a usable format.

Tasks in the field of spatial development

Responsible and careful handling of our environmental resources and functions is essential and requires inter-disciplinary thinking and action, taking into account the fundamental interdependence of man and the environment. Our references in the field of sustainable spatial development include projects to promote inner-urban development in rural areas, projects to identify the close relationship between urban development and mobility, the INTERREG IIIB-project DIAMONT addressing the issues of land take in the Alpine Space and respective instruments developed in Alpine states and numerous environmental planning projects and environmental impact assessments.

Relevant projects


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