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Krvavec (SI), the "Energy Savings" Living Lab

The focus in the Slovenian Living lab is on the reduction of energy consumption for snowmaking, operating ski lifts and heating. Ski holidays do not have the greenest reputation, but many resorts around the world are trying to make them more environmentally friendly. With Krvavec living lab, we would like to enable and speed up implementation of low-carbon policies in winter tourist regions. This can be achieved by installing energy efficient equipment to cableway and other infrastructure and by smart monitoring the energy consumption. Project pilot ski resort in Gorenjska is Krvavec, where we will assess the territorial potential for policy makers on the basis of key technical, economic and management indicators (greenhouse gas emissions, consumption, costs, seasonal status, ownership, etc.). We will develop approaches for policy implementation where key steps, stakeholders, examples and recommendations will be presented. RTC Krvavec is responsible for pilot implementation, BSC Kranj for Lab animation.

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