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Moreco: SWOT Analysis: Settlement and Mobility

Target groups
Decision makers, Civil servants/administration, Planners

Area of application
7 pilot regions in 6 countries: DE: City of Munich and Munich Transport and Tariff Association Area, AT: City of Salzburg and District Salzburg Umgebung, IT: Union of Mountain Municipalities of Pinerolese Area (Piedmont), City of Mantova and Mantova Hinterland, Val Belluna and Val Boite e Cientro Cadore, CH, FR: Alpine Corridor - Genève-Valence SI: Urban Municipality of Novo Mesto and Jugovzhodna Slovenija Statistical Region

Analysis is the foundation for common results which have validity for the whole Alpine Space Region. Pilot regions were chosen according to already formally adopted networks or informal new networks and partnerships. Generally, they concern urban centres (also polycentric regions) of different size with their periphery.

Time frame
SWOT Analysis on current situation, with qualtitative demographic projections in the mid-term.

demographic development, settlement development, infrastructure, transport and mobility, pilot site analysis.

open access, but English language only

Transferability and re-usability
The SWOT analysis of the pilot sites produced specific results for each pilot sites which are not transferable, but re-usable if one is interested in these areas. The method, documented in the overall methodology document (other output), is transferable to other regions, though. The document states that common challenges and threats are valid also for other regions in the Alps, but not all (rural regions and shrinking urban regions). Analysis method transferable.

Sector policies adressed
spatial development, transport / mobility, regional planning, territorial observation

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