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Synergies - GIS based tools

(MANFRED, Econnect, SHARE, PermaNET)

GIS based tools serve for enhancing the landscape/ecosystem connectivity, reducing forest fragmentation, producing “green energy”, infrastructure planning and maintenance in mountain areas. MANFRED and Econnect presented GIS based tool for sharing the spatial data related to projects’ topic (census of extreme events; JECAMI). Enhancing landscape connectivity and reducing forest fragmentation would increase health, vitality and diversity of alpine forest (MANFRED) therefore JECAMI (Econnect) could be used wider, e.g. for forest management and monitoring purpose. Econnect, SHARE and PermaNET presented different GIS based tool that could help spatial planers to use the space in a way to preserve the natural habitats and also to allow a sustainable production of “green energy” and a sustainable infrastructure development. The Alpine Permafrost Index Map (PermaNET), available as a GIS layer, is intended for practitioners such as public authorities or individuals involved in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure in mountain areas.

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