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Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck

The Institute of Ecology was founded in 2006 by merging most ecological sections of the Institutes of Botany and Zoology & Limnology. Since then, additional chairs in Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology, Molecular Ecology and Alpine Freshwater Ecology have contributed to our interdisciplinarity and commitment to high quality.

The main research focus lies on the study of interactions among biota, between biota and their physicochemical environment, and between biota and society. Being both, basic and applied, it covers a wide range of organizational levels and time scales: from molecular to landscape and from seconds to millennia.

Given the strategic geographical position of the University in the Alps, our research is centered on the Alpine space which offers a large diversity of ecosystems, as well as scientific and real-world challenges.

Our students acquire skills in this broad range of expertise through an attractive curriculum that offers a blend of theoretical and practical courses on Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution.

The Institute's research is organized in three research units according to strategic themes


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