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Assessing subsurface potentials of the Alpine Foreland Basins for sustainable planning and use of natural resources

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Project summary

To meet the EU’s ambitious targets for carbon emission reduction, renewable energy production must strongly be upgraded and made more efficient and capable for grid energy storage. Alpine Foreland Basins feature a unique geological inventory which can contribute substantially to tackle these challenges. Deep ‘Molasse’ basins at the fringe of the Alpine mountain range offer an abundant geothermal potential and storage capacity for weather-dependent wind and solar energy, as well as space for underground storage of gas or CO2. Exploiting these natural subsurface resources (geo-potentials) will strongly compete with existing oil and gas claims and groundwater issues. Thus, the efficient use and sustainable management of geo-potentials requires a holistic and transnational approach. In order to serve transnational decision-making, GeoMol will provide consistent 3-dimensional subsurface information based on coherent evaluation methods and commonly developed criteria and guidelines.





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
FlyerOther EN, DE, FR, IT, SI Information material on the project in five languages.
3D ExplorerData EN The 3D-Explorer you are heading for presently is the beta version of the geo data infrastructure and dissemination tool for multi-dimensional information developed within the GeoMol project, which will be extended and improved incrementally. Despite rigorous tests of this version you might encounter some bugs and malfunctions or incompatibilities with your IT environment.
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
<to be filled in>

Accessibility of project results

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