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Natural resource management

Natural resource

“A feature or component of the natural environment that is of value in serving human needs, e.g. soil, water, plantlife, wildlife, etc. Some natural resources have an economic value (e.g. timber) while others have a “noneconomic” value (e.g. scenic beauty of a cultural landscape).”
Source: EIONET: GEMET Thesaurus

Resource management

“There are various concepts that address the resource management question from different angles. The number and divergence of these concepts, which all have their specific merits, reveals that there is no clear and unanimous answer or approach to the problem. The various concepts serve a number of functions, such as awareness raising (Ecological Footprint) and material flow accounting (TMR). Moreover, some concepts include targets (e.g. Factor 4), whereas others are process-oriented (Green GNP ). This means that the concepts have different angles of view and different scopes, emerge from different schools of thought and imply different perceptions of problems and different solutions.”
Source: Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. COM/2003/0572 final. pg. 19.


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