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Valorizing connectivity and sustainable use of resources for successful ecosystem management policies in the Alps

Project Partners

Project summary

“greenAlps shapes the framework for a sustainable and efficient European nature and biodiversity conservation policy for the Alps. It relies on two key projects covering essential issues how to best conserve alpine biodiversity (ECONNECT) and how to deal with the huge demand for renewable energy related impacts on nature ( Both projects are linked and deliver(ed) essential outcomes for the future management of alpine natural assets. Nevertheless results are still too sectoral and need further efforts to reach additional key stakeholders & policy makers. A significant reduction of fragmentation of Alpine natural or semi-natural habitats is needed, calling a long-term orientated land use planning, new ways of cooperation and a precautionary approach of other key sectors The successful governance approach of pilot regions beyond protected areas will be reviewed and disseminated at the same time by capitalizing on already ongoing participatory processes in old and new PR.”(Source:





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

Output CategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
Final booklet: Connecting mountains, people, nature – Shaping the framework for an efficient European biodiversity policy for the Alps n.a. EN n.a. n.a.
Staking a claim for nature – Policy recommendations for the Alpine Spacen.a. EN, FR, IT, DE, SI decision makers n.a.
The EU Biodiversity Policy Landscape. Existing policies and their perceived relevance and impact in key sectors in the alpine region n.a. EN n.a. n.a.
Biodiversity Stakeholder Networks in the Alpine Space n.a. EN n.a. n.a.
Common Strategic Framework(CSF) 2014-2020 & Biodiversityn.a. EN n.a. n.a.
Ten recommendations to the Alpine Space Programme n.a. EN n.a. n.a.
Discussion on first resultsother EN Policy makers, civil servants / administration / planner / scientists / specific institutionsThe first results of the activities that started in September 2013, have been the object of a meeting among the project partners that took place in Vienna in early December.In particular, the partners focused on the database gathering the main results of other international projects so as to maximize them and on an investigation on the most important European policies concerning biodiversity and ecosystem services, which is already available.
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
<to be filled in>

Accessibility of project results

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