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How to contribute

WIKIAlps follows the wiki philosophy and is based on the contributions of different authors. In this article you will find how easy it is to become an author and contribute to WIKIAlps.


To become a WIKAlps contributor you need to register and create an account. Just go to the register section in the upper right section of the page, fill up the information required and you are ready to create/edit an article. It takes literally less than two minutes.

Who should contribute?

The wiki WIKIAlps is open to everyone who has a passion for spatial development, Ecosystem Services, or low-carbon policies in winter tourism regions, especially those persons in the Alpine Space territories. Contributions from public authorities, experts of spatial development, researchers and any other person interested and experienced in this topic are more than welcome. But please keep in mind to edit pages only if you can improve them.

How to contribute?

The WIKIAlps Help article will explain you the basic technical information you need to start creating/editing an article. In this article, you can also find guidelines on how to format the articles and create links within WIKIAlps and outside the wiki. For a more detailed and extended information use the formatting syntax article or you can go directly to the DokuWiki webpage.

In order to have a useful , easy to use wiki, you should use these templates for a certain type of articles (especially those about projects and documents analysis).

Please take into account that some rules have to be respected when contributing:

  • Please be aware of the fact that all your contributions will be traceable and you are responsible for the contents you insert in
  • Please keep in mind to edit articles only if you can improve them. We must avoid redundancies and overlapping of information.
  • Please respect intellectual property rights and cite the sources from which you obtain information. Please do not publish any information for which you do not have the rights.
  • The webmaster reservers the right to refuse logins to single persons, to block user logins, to validate new contents before publishing them or to block or delete contents.
  • Articles should include No discrimination, No offensive speech, No fraud, No publicity or compromise other persons or institutions.

Please read the disclaimer for further information.

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