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“Mobility is a complex concept as it represents an amalgamation of social and physical aspects.
Mobility from a social perspective may be observed at three levels:

  • Mobility is the physical movement of people and goods in space,
  • mobility simultaneously indicates the accessibility of personal options and opportunities to serve human needs in a social sense,
  • and mobility also describes the position of humans in a symbolic space and, vice versa, social position and lifestyle have an influence on mobility practice.

The physical aspects of the term “mobility” include…

  • the movability (possibility to move)
  • and the actual movement of people and objects.”

Source: Alpine Convention Report on the State of the Alps. Transport and Mobility in the Alps, pg. 6

Integrated planning

“Integrated planning (as opposed to sectoral planning) is a process involving the drawing together of level and sector specific planning efforts which permits strategic decision-making and provides a synoptic view of resources and commitments. Integrated planning acts as a focal point for institutional initiatives and resource allocation. In the context of integrated (or comprehensive) planning, economic, social, ecological and cultural factors are jointly used and combined to guide land- and facility-use decisions towards sustainable territorial development.”
Source: CEMAT Spatial Development Glossary

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