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NEW technologies for a better mountain FORest timber mobilization

Project Partners

Project summary

“The role played by mountain forests is extremely varied. Their contributions to the stability and overall development of life and economic factors in mountainous regions are highly significant. Due mainly to topographic conditions, managing mountain forests is significantly more cost intensive than in plain ones. A good knowledge of forest biomass location, characteristics, mobilization conditions and connectivity to wood industry is a prerequisite for the development of a sustainable timber supply chain in mountain territories. This knowledge is currently insufficient to provide at reasonable costs, the required guarantees on the wood supply and on its sustainability. Based on the use of new technologies for forest and topography characterization, NEWFOR is dedicated to enhance and develop tools and adapted policies for decision making in the field of a sustainable and adaptive mountain forest resources management facing the sustainability of mountain forest ecosystems services.”
Source: NEWFOR project summary





Results of a project can be differentiated in outputs, outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Source:OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management.

OutputCategoryLanguage(s)Target groupRemark
"NEWFOR - Aerial Drones: A way for the generation of remote sensing data"Projects that address this type of Output:EN, DE Civil society / citizensYoutube-Video
Forest Delineation Based on Airborne LIDAR Data, Article in "Remote Sensing" Projects that address this type of Output:n/a Civil society / citizens“Not yet available. The physical platform is realized through the ME/EX (Meeting Exhibition Preview), a sort of _ckgedit_QUOTckgedit>fair_ckgedit_QUOTckgedit> where project results will be showcased. During the ME/EX event project partners will animate sessions with the active participation of stakeholders and target groups. The ME/EX is conceived to be modular, meaning it can be considered in its entirety or in independent, stand-alone sections.”
Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike project outputs, outcomes and results cannot be described in a standardised way. Therefore, they are listed as free text:
not yet available

Accessibility of project results

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