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Project Analysis

The project analysis within the WIKIAlps project, which serves as a model for this wiki, is carried out in three steps:

  1. a broader screening of projects and their results as provided by final reports and project websites of all projects carried out in the two thematic fields inclusive growth and resource efficiency and ecosystem management of the Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013
  2. an in-depth analysis of selected projects
  3. the synergies among selected projects

Project Screening

The screening step includes the following elements that define which projects are selected for an in-depth analysis.

  • Check whether sustainable issues are addressed (related to our hypotheses)
  • Keywords marking projects or parts of projects
  • Core topics addressed by the projects
  • Availability of project results

If you want to insert a new project in the best practice section, please follow these instructions.

Screened projects by thematic fields

Inclusive Growth
  • ACCESS – Improving accessibility of services of general interest: organisational innovations in rural mountain areas(inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • ALIAS- Alpine Hospitals Networking for Improved Access to Telemedicine Services
  • AlpHouse- Alpine building culture and ecology
  • Alps Bio Cluster- TransAlpine Bio Cluster
  • CABEE- Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experiences
  • CAPACities – Competitiveness Actions and Policies for Alpine Cities
  • COMUNIS – Inter-municipal cooperation for strategic steering of SME-oriented location development in the Alpine Space (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • DEMOCHANGE – Adaptation strategies to spatial planning and regional development (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • InnoCité – How to improve competitiveness of small-medium cities under the influence of Alpine great urban centres (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • MORECO – Mobility and residential costs (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • NATHCARE – Networking Alpine Health for Continuity of Care
  • PLAT.F.O.R.M – Platform to Form Opinions Related to Mobility
  • RURBANCE – Rural urban governance
  • SPHERA – Spatial Planning and Health Systems: enhancing territorial governance in Alpine Space
  • WIKIAlps- A wiki for capitalising on spatial-development projects


Resource Efficiency and Ecosystem Management
  • AIM- Alpine space In Movement, targeted to water & energy capitalization
  • Alp-Water-Scarce – Water management strategies against water scarcity in the Alps
  • ALP FFIRS – Alpine Forest FIre waRning System (inc. synergies)
  • Econnect – Restoring the web of life (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • GeoMol – Assessing subsurface potentials of the Alpine Foreland Basins for sustainable planning and use of natural resources
  • greenAlps – Connecting mountains people nature
  • MANFRED – Management strategies to adapt Alpine Space forests to climate change risks (inc. synergies)
  • NEWFOR – NEW technologies for a better mountain FORest timber mobilization
  • PermaNET – Permafrost Long-Term Monitoring Network (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • – Balancing Alpine energy and nature
  • SedAlp – Sediment management in Alpine basins
  • SILMAS – Sustainable instruments for lakes management in the Alpine Space (inc. in-depth analysis & synergies)
  • SHARE – Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems (inc. synergies)
  • Start_It_Up – State-of-the-Art in Risk Management Technology: Implementation and Trial for Usability in Engineering Practice and Policy
  • WIKIAlps- A wiki for capitalising on spatial-development projects
  • ALPTREES - Providing tools for the responsible use and manegement of non-native tree species

Low-carbon economy and energy efficiency
  • ViSiBLE – Valorisation of Sustainable Alpine Space nearly zero-energy Building and Low-carbon Experiences

Climate Change
  • Alpstar- Towards carbon neutral Alps - Make best practice minimum standard

Competitiveness & innocation of SMEs

Sustainable Transport & Mobility
  • AlpInfoNet- Sustainable Mobility Information Network for the Alpine Space
  • Poly5- Enhance Accessibility and Connectivity of Alpine Territories


Spatial-development projects from other European Territorial Co-operation Programmes

  • DIAMONT – Data infrastructure for the Alps: mountain orientated network technology


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