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Work Package "WebGIS & WIKIAlps"

In the AlpES project the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is responsible for the third work package named “WebGIS and WIKIAlps”. The aim of this work package is to develop an interactive and interoperable AlpES webGIS through which ecosystem services indicators and its metadata are made available. Furthermore, the WIKIAlps website ( is further developed and used to disseminate the AlpES project results.

This work package is divided up in five main tasks:

  1. Analyse and define the requirements for the AlpES web-based data publication and visualisation. These requirements concern the nature of data, project constraints, data harmonisation, and technical implementation. This task is carried out in close collaboration with the second work package “Mapping and Assessment”.
  2. Foster a common understanding of the ecosystem services concept and its benefits and of natural capital through The Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research facilitates updating the WIKIAlps website with AlpES project info and project results by the project partners and other interested parties.
  3. Analyse and harmonise the ecosystems services data assembled by the work package “Mapping and Assessment” and integrate these into a database.
  4. Build a technology framework on which to base the AlpES webGIS and its database and develop webGIS functionalities and a dynamic interface so users can calculate their own ecosystem services indicators.
  5. Involve the AlpES stakeholders through face-to-face meetings during which their feedback is asked on the webGIS and the WIKIAlps website. Their feedback is then used to further the development of this work package and the next work package named “Capacity Building Model”.

The webGIS and its database together with the WIKIAlps website are the work package’s main end products.

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